I recently relocated from my lifelong home in Northern Virginia to the nice city of Minneapolis, MN, with my husband. This change of pace has given me the opportunity to focus more on my freelance work and explore other avenues of artistic creativity, styles, and mediums.
Graphic Designer. I have been a graphic designer for the US government by day for more than ten years. The work is challenging, demanding, and requires you to be multidisciplinary.  I create visuals to explain complex stories through visualization. I love this new buzz word, visualization, it embodies the problem solving aspects of graphic design that I love; communication, collaboration, and organization.
Illustrator. My origins in the field of arts started with illustration. I enjoy capturing life, concepts, and patterns in different interpretive ways. My freelance work by night often utilizes illustrations, following a more creative and freestyle format.
Creator.  I envision, research, learn, plan, and execute. What results from that work is my creation. I don't have a specific style or signature "mark." I am always experimenting with ideas, styles, and mediums—never sticking to the same trend or idea for too long. 
What gives me joy. . .
creative breaks. Art and creation are pillars of stability that breathe life and enjoyment in to each day. When I'm not behind a computer, I enjoy creative breaks in my day to pick up a sketchpad or explore a new medium to exercise my brain. 
crochet. I maintain a pretty active lifestyle and don't do well with idle hands. I keep them busy with crochet. Similar to my design work, I rarely make the same thing twice unless commissioned to. My recent creations can be seen on Instagram, often using the tag #hookinthatyarn.
skydiving. True exhilaration and freedom can be felt in the air at 13,500 feet, and I achieve that with skydiving. I joined the sport in December 2014 and it changed my life for the better. In freefall, your life is completely in your control. 
travel. Until you experience the world, you can't truly appreciate what you have. I regularly seek opportunities to travel and explore new places. I've reached as far as New Zealand and as close as my own backyard in Washington, DC. Every experience has taught me something new about myself and the world around me.

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